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Greater Green

Meta-Cluster in the Greater Region

GREATER GREEN is Europe's first cross-border network for environmental technology, targeting other networks from Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, Lorraine, Luxembourg and Wallonia. GREATER GREEN brings together players from business - especially SMEs -, science and administration across borders. The meta-cluster supports SMEs in expanding their product range to help them open up new markets and raises their awareness about cross-border cooperation. GREATER GREEN increases the attractiveness and international visibility of the industry and of cross-border company cooperation in the Greater Region and aims to boost the region’s export ratio. By encouraging innovation and growth, the network hopes to have positive effects on the labour markets and labour mobility in the Greater Region. The management of GREATER GREEN is located on the environmental campus Birkenfeld. The network nodes are located at AWEX in Wallonia, htwsaar in Saarbücken, Luxinnovation in Luxembourg and Région Grand Est in France.


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GREATER GREEN develops and offers information and consulting services as a meta-cluster for the environmental technology field in the Greater Region. The main aim is to create entries to neighbouring markets. The GREATER GREEN network uses a common approach for marketing the Greater Region as a centre of expertise in environmental technology.

Companies, in particular small and medium enterprises, only invest  in R&D activities if they can make a very precise risk assessment. In order to help them move forward, GREATER GREEN also aims to facilitate the dissemination of information, exchange, advice and communication across borders.

GREATER GREEN acts as a meta-cluster by connecting its nodes and strategic partners – mainly already existing regional clusters in the Greater Region – in a network. A positive side effect of GREATER GREEN is that the offers of these clusters will become known across borders.

The expected increase of orders, due in particular to increased exports to neighbouring countries, is also expected to have an effect on labour mobility and the creation of qualified jobs in the environmental technology sector in the Greater Region.

As there are large regional differences in the economic development of the Greater Region, which are also reflected in the environmental technology sector, an alignment on increasing the export turnover of SMEs is a declared goal of GREATER GREEN. SMEs are fundamental for the Greater Region labour market and form an essential pillar of economic strength, which also ensures the future viability of the Greater Region.

The environmental technology industry has a great deal of know-how and can provide important impulses in the field of research and development. It is also an engine for growth in the Greater Region, particularly in the context of a growing awareness of climate change and the need for a sustainable use of resources. Only those companies that integrate a sustainability strategy into their activities will be successful in this context. Within the framework of GREATER GREEN, the environmental technology sector will be further developed on a cross-border basis in the future.