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Water and wastewater management

Water is considered as the foodstuff par excellence - it is not without reason that the United Nations declared access to clean water a human right in 2010. The limited resources of our world make a qualified and efficient water and wastewater management necessary. Turning this right into a global reality against the background of a growing world population is a task of the century. Drinking water in comparatively small quantities is the premium category of our water requirements: the really large users and consumption of water are by far agriculture, industry and the energy sector.

To ensure the water supply of our societies, new strategies and technical innovations in water and wastewater management are needed to ensure efficient and qualitative use of this resource. The increasing use of high-tech solutions is therefore indispensable and presents companies in all economic sectors with new challenges.

With the Hydreos water cluster in the Grand Est region and the Ecoliance environmental technology cluster in Rhineland-Palatinate, two important network partners of the large regional water and wastewater management, are represented in the GREATER GREEN meta cluster. In addition, the university and research institutions at Trier University of Applied Sciences, htw saar, the Walonian cluster Green Win and the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology contribute with their scientific expertise in this field of activity.