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Our Partners


Region Grand Est
71 rue de la Grande Haie
54510 Tomblaine
Alexandre Folmer

Grand E-Nov

Region Grand Est
11 rue de l'Académie
67000 Strasbourg
Éric Le Gall
+33 6 46 35 05 64

Luxinnovation G.I.E.

Region Luxemburg
5, avenue des Hauts-Fourneaux
L-4362 Esch-sur-Alzette

Luxinnovation was founded in 1984 and is an economic interest group. Luxinnovation's mission is to contribute to Luxembourg's economic development by fostering innovation in Luxembourg companies, fuelling international growth and attracting foreign investment. One means of achieving this is the Luxembourg Cluster Initiative, under which the EcoInnovation Cluster brings together Luxembourg companies from the CleanTech sector and provides appropriate support.

AWEX - Agence wallonne à l'Exportation et aux Investissements étrangers

Region Wallonie
Place Sainctelette 2
B-1080 Bruxelles
Sarah Tabart
+32 2 421 82 13

The Wallonian Export and Foreign Investment Agency is the point of contact for Wallonian companies wishing to export abroad as well as for foreign companies wishing to invest in Wallonia.


Region Grand Est
Place Gabriel HOCQUARD
F-57036 METZ CEDEX 01
Achim Mayer
+33 38 73 36 21 4

The Grand Est region was created on 1 January 2016, regrouping the former regions of Alsace, Champagne-Ardenne and Lorraine. The administration of the region is responsible for the economic development, attractiveness and general development of the area.

Environmental Campus Birkenfeld

Region Rheinland-Pfalz
D-55761 Birkenfeld
Tamara Breitbach
+49 6782 17 19 41

The Greater Green main office and simultaneously the Rhineland-Palatinate satellite office are located on the Birkenfeld Environmental Campus, which belongs to Trier University of Applied Sciences. With around 8,000 students in 7 faculties and 3 locations, Trier University is one of the largest universities of applied sciences in Rhineland-Palatinate. The main campus in Trier is home to the BLV, IT, Technology and Business departments. The Design Campus, which is located near the city centre, houses the Design Department, which also includes the "Gemstone and Jewellery" department at the Idar-Oberstein site. The Environmental Campus Birkenfeld, where about 2,500 students live, learn and work, is home to the departments of Environmental Planning/Environmental Technology and Environmental Economics/Environmental Law.

htw saar

Region Saarland
Malstatter Str. 17
D-66117 Saarbrücken
Anja Kastler
+49 0681 5867203

htw saar is an application-oriented university in Saarland in the Greater Region. Academic studies and further training are complemented by practice-oriented research and technology transfer - especially to SMEs in the region. Numerous institutes, such as the Institute for

  • efficient buildings B2E3,
  • physical process technology IPP
  • the Institute for Future Energy Systems IZES gGmbH
  • the Institute for Technology Transfer FITT gGmbH

carry out joint R&D projects with partners from industry and administration.

Saarland is networking important actors in the Saar Energy Innovation Initiative (LIESA) who are further developing the Saar energy region and the energy transition. LIESA also sees itself as a research network that initiates research and development projects with various partners and submits the corresponding applications for research funds to funding bodies (such as the federal government and the EU).

Within the framework of the Interreg project GREATER GREEN, htw saar and its institutes in cooperation with the initiative Energieinnovation Saar (LIESA) support companies in the Greater Region with innovations in green technologies.

Im Rahmen des Interregprojektes Greater Green unterstützt die htw saar mit ihren Instituten in Kooperation mit der Landesinitiative Energieinnovation Saar (LIESA) Unternehmen in der Großregion bei Innovationen in Grünen Technologien.

CAP 2020

Region Wallonie
66, rue Saucin
B-5032 Les Isnes
Michel Heukmes
+32475 76 57 60

Officially recognised by the Walloon Region, CAP 2020 brings together the world's three key players in the construction sector: entrepreneurs, architects, material and machine manufacturers and service providers with the aim of increasing sustainable construction in Wallonia.

Cluster Eco Construction

Region Wallonie
22 rue du Séminaire
B-5000 Namur
Hervé-Jacques Poskin
+32 81 826301

Eco Construction is a network of companies whose aim is to build with maximum comfort and with respect for our environment and future generations. It unites architects, specialists in infrared thermography and electromagnetic pollution, site managers, companies in the field of ecological remediation, entrepreneurs, bio-material manufacturers, bio-electricians, study offices, companies from the field of renewable energies and entrepreneurs working with water management, the construction of natural swimming pools, the use and treatment of rainwater, etc.

Ecoliance e.V.

Region Rheinland-Pfalz
D-55761 Hoppstädten-Weiersbach

Ecoliance Rhineland-Palatinate is an association of the Rhineland-Palatinate environmental technology industry and acts as the central contact for environmental technology in Rhineland-Palatinate. The network supports Rhineland-Palatinate companies in finding the right partners for the successful implementation of complete turnkey solutions. In addition, Ecoliance Rhineland-Palatinate enables companies to participate in pilot projects in future markets.

pole fibres Energivie

Region Grand Est
27 rue Philippe Séguin, BP 1041
F-88051 Epinal Cedex 9

The Fibres-Energivie Competition Centre is part of a policy shared between the state and the region. On the one hand, it is a lever for the implementation of state industrial and innovation policies and, on the other hand, an implementation element of regional strategic economic development, innovation and internationalisation of the economy in the regions. Fibres-Energivie links companies in materials management and sustainable building in Lorraine.

Green Win

Region Wallonie
Rue Auguste Piccard, 20
B-6041 Gosselies

Greenwin combines the value chains of green chemistry, sustainable materials management and environmental technology. The Pole has three strategic guidelines: the development of new products based on renewable raw materials from organic farming or recycled materials, the development of new products and application systems in the energy sector (energy storage, sustainable construction, etc.) and the development of new technologies for the reuse or recycling of old products and systems and the reuse of waste as a new source of raw materials.

Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences

Region Rheinland-Pfalz
Carl-Schurz-Str. 10-16
66953 Pirmasens

Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences is a strategic partner in the project with both the research focus NAPUD in Kaiserslautern and the IKW in Pirmasens.

NAPUD (Sustainable Products and Services)

The challenges of our time and the associated solutions are the core of the applied research focus NAPUD (Sustainable Products and Services).

Within the framework of our research and the associated teaching, we want to address as large a circle of committed and interested people as possible and motivate them to cooperate with us. Within the research focus, people from various fields of economics, natural sciences, engineering, design and information technology work together in order to do justice to the interdisciplinary character of sustainability issues.


Prof. Dr. Rolo FüttererSpokesman Applied research focus
"Sustainable Products and Services" (NAPUD),
Dean of the Building and Design Department
University of Kaiserslautern
Schoenstr. 11
67659 Kaiserslautern, Germany
Phone: +49 631 3724 - 4412
fax: +49 631 3724 - 4444
Mail: rolo.fuetterer@hs-kl.de

IKW (Institute for Plastics Technology Western Palatinate)

The IKW (Institut für Kunststofftechnik Westpfalz) is a research and testing institute at the university location Pirmasens (Department of Logistics and Polymer Sciences) in the field of reinforced and non-reinforced plastics. With our equipment at university level (according to ASIIN) we carry out publicly and industrially promoted projects along the value chain of plastic components as a partner.



Region Wallonie
Rue du Séminaire 22
B-5000 Namur
Sandrine Quoibion
+32 81/72.51.41

TIC is a business network that brings together representatives of information and communication technologies with the aim of promoting business and innovation through partnerships. Four areas of application form the foundation of the activities: health industry and biotechnology (eHealth), intelligent transport systems (Intelligent Transport Systems), green technologies (ICT for Green) and public services (eGov).


Region Grand Est
ENSIC, 1 rue Grandville, BP 20451
F-54001 Nancy Cedex
Denis Roizard
+ 33

The "Institut Carnot Energie et Environnement en Lorraine (ICEEL)" combines the technical expertise and scientific knowledge of 23 laboratories, technical centres and associated transfer offices in the fields of geosciences, materials science and process engineering.

IHK Saarland

Region Saarland
Franz-Josef-Röder-Straße 9
D-66119 Saarbrücken

The IHK Saarland is the joint service centre for more than 58,000 companies employing over 300,000 people. It sees itself as a customer-oriented service provider, an intermediary between the state and the economy and as a creative force committed to creating attractive location conditions. The interests of small and medium-sized enterprises are particularly in focus.


Region Saarland
Altenkesseler Str. 17
66115 Saarbrücken
Dr. Michael Brand
+49 681 844 972-0

The institute is a non-profit GmbH focusing on energy markets, infrastructure and municipal development, material flows, technical innovations and environmental psychology.


Region Luxemburg
41 rue du Brill
L-4422 Belvaux
Bianca Schmitt
+352 275888 - 4434

The LIST from Luxembourg is an important research centre in the field of environmental research and environmental impact assessment. The LIST has three main research areas: Environmental research and innovation, IT for innovative services as well as materials research and technology.

Lokale Agenda 21 Trier e.V

Palaststr. 13
D - 54290 Trier
Sophie Lungershausen
+49 651 99 177 52

Since 1999, the Local Agenda 21 Trier Association has been committed to sustainable development in the Trier region, together with the city administration, civil society groups, associations, educational institutions, citizens and economic actors.

Its tasks include initiating projects in the Trier region that have an impact on urban and regional development. The association strives for active citizen participation and supports it.



Region Luxemburg
5, Z.A.E. Krakelshaff
L-3290 Bettembourg
Francis Schwall
+352 26 59 56-1

Neobuild is a Luxembourg cluster dealing with the topic of sustainable construction. The cluster provides technical and human resources to support companies in their sustainable construction projects.


Region Wallonie
Rue des Pôles, 1 - B56
B-4000 Liège
Nathalie Religieux

Plastiwin is the Walloon Plasturgy cluster based in Liège. The cluster covers the entire value chain in the areas of polymers and biopolymers, elastomers, composite materials and synthetic textiles. Starting with raw material producers, technical sales, tool manufacturers, recycling and research companies as well as engineers, designers and trainers.

Saaris e.V.

Region Saarland
Franz-Josef-Röder-Straße 9
D-66119 Saarbrücken

Saar-Lor-Lux-Umweltzentrum GmbH

Region Saarland
Hohenzollernstraße 47-49
66117 Saarbrücken


Region Wallonie
2, Rue Natalis
B-4020 Liège
Cédric Brüll
+32 475 23 54 77

TWEED deals with the area of "sustainable energy", i.e. the sources of renewable energies, energy efficiency in industry or in the service sector or also the development of "green" products and services. The main objective is to promote investment in the production and expansion of sustainable energies through targeted project development between companies and players in this sector.