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Griese: Efficient use of resources protects our climate

| Rheinland-Pfalz

"We can protect our climate by increasing resource efficiency," said State Secretary for the Environment Thomas Griese today at the specialist conference "The Challenge of Energy and Resource Efficiency" of the Association of German Engineers (VDI) in Andernach.

This would enable companies to make a key contribution to climate protection, sustainability and competitiveness, said Griese. "Especially against the background of the current world climate conference in Bonn, it becomes clear that a current trend reversal is necessary when it comes to resource consumption - to protect our environment and our climate," explained the State Secretary.

A current federal study involving four federal states - including Rhineland-Palatinate - shows that companies can save up to 25 percent of their material or energy requirements. "Companies that attach great importance to resource efficiency have a clear advantage: they save costs and contribute to our climate protection goals," emphasised Griese. The company Rasselstein has reduced the weight of can packaging by reducing the wall thickness, thereby increasing its material efficiency and at the same time reducing its carbon dioxide emissions.

With EffCheck, the state government supports small and medium-sized enterprises in particular in identifying and implementing potential savings in the areas of materials, energy, water and waste. Around 190 EffCheck projects in Rhineland-Palatinate companies have already been completed. "With its many medium-sized companies, Rhineland-Palatinate is at the forefront of Germany's efforts to optimise resources, protect the climate and use renewable energies," said Griese. Nationwide, about 13,000 people are employed in the field of environmental technologies and the industry already accounts for eleven percent of the total gross domestic product. This shows that "Rhineland-Palatinate is a pioneer in resource efficiency and benefits from it, especially in rural regions," explained the State Secretary for the Environment.

Current information on the World Climate Conference in Bonn can be found on Facebook and Twitter (@UmweltRLP) of the Ministry of Environment and on the website of the State Energy Agency.

Information on the EffNet® Efficiency Network Rhineland-Palatinate and EffCheck is available at www.effnet.rlp.de, www.effcheck.rlp.de