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GREATR GREEN working group "Smart Green Energy" meets in Birkenfeld

After the participants had the opportunity to inform themselves about the OIE Biomass Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP) in Hoppstädten-Weiersbach, technical/scientific talks were held at the Umwelt-Campus.

Benoit Hofer from the Cluster CAP Construction (Belgium, Wallonia) gave the initial presentation on the INTERREG NorthWestEurope project "Heatnet". The "HeatNet" project aims to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions by creating an integrated transnational approach for the supply of renewable and low carbon heat (including waste heat) to residential and commercial buildings in Northwest Europe.

Mr. Bernhard Wern (IZES gGmbH, Saarbrücken) reported in the second presentation on the implementation of the heat study in the Trier region, which was commissioned by the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of Economics, Climate Protection, Energy and Regional Planning.

Mr. Olaf Gruppe (ARGE Solar e.V.) took over the final presentation of the working group meeting on this day and introduced GReENEFF, the cross-border network for the promotion of innovative projects in the field of sustainable development and energy efficiency in the Greater Region. GReENEFF has a direct practical relevance through the integration and monitoring of pilot projects from the sub-areas of the Greater Region.


A short discussion followed with regard to the future orientation of the field of activity and a possible continuation. The following aspects were mentioned:

- phasing out gas supply

- Electric heating and energy storage (based on renewable energies)

- Qualification / know-how / training of construction workers

- Potential for heating networks, use of biomass

- Transnational approach to energy exchange (experiment)

- Use of software / AI in energy management


A second meeting of the working group (probably in Strasbourg on 30.6.2020 in the framework of the "360° possibles") was planned to transform these contributions to the discussion into more concrete proposals which could lead to concrete actions. This will probably have to be done in virtual form.