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Greater Green at the Cycl'eau - Water fair in Strasbourg

On 05 December 2019, the Cycl'eau water fair took place at the Palais des Congrès in Strasbourg, hosting B2B meetings and conferences with more than 50 exhibitors present.

The MoBiMet project is looking for partners from SMEs.


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10th International Circular Economy Week at the Environmental Campus in Birkenfeld

200 guests from 34 countries informed themselves about the circular economy in Rhineland-Palatinate


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Trinational Climate and Energy Congress in Basel - Recycling in the construction and energy sector

On 17 October 2019, the TRION-climate Trinational Energy Congress was held in the Volkshaus in Basel on the subject “Recycling in the construction and energy sector”. Around one hundred participants from the three TRION-climate partner countries were present: Germany, France and Switzerland.

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Greater Green sets thematic priorities - Third year of exchange opportunities for SMEs

After the first two project years were dedicated to the project objectives 1, 2 and 4 - sensitization for cross-border cooperation, better visibility of environmental technology in the Greater Region and networking, the GreenTech Meta-Cluster Greater Green has devoted itself more intensively to setting thematic priorities in the past year. The four thematic areas were covered by Greater Green and further contributed to the achievement of the above-mentioned goals, but also towards goals 3...

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Höfken: "Advance the European energy turnaround from within the Greater Region"

Environment Minister Ulrike Höfken presents interregional climate protection projects of the Greater Region in Brussels / Federal Government must remove obstacles

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Company Mission connects cross-border companies from the Greater Region

On 16 May 2019 the Interreg V A Großregion-Projekt GREATER GREEN with its partners HYDREOS and Ecoliance e.V. invited to a company mission to Trier.

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| Dezentrale Energiesysteme

Climate protection and digitalization on "Friday for Future"

In January 2019, the IoT workshop at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld and the vocational school Neustadt organized a climate protection hackathon for schoolchildren. The participants developed innovative solutions that use digital technologies to cope with climate change.

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| Konferenzen

Plastic: Reinventing the future

Making all plastic packaging on the market reusable or easily recyclable by 2030 is the objective of the first European strategy on the subject. Overconsumption is also on the radar of the Luxembourg government, which is determined to encourage a reduced consumption of single-use plastics. Stakeholders from the Greater Region met in Luxembourg to discuss the prospects for reducing and recovering this waste.


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| Rheinland-Pfalz

Building a sustainable Greater Region Together

In mid-October, the environmental technology meta-cluster of the Greater Green region, in cooperation with other actors of the Greater Region, organised the International Conference "Sustainable Neighbourhoods" in Trier. The event was a dynamic prelude for a promising, necessary and intensified cross-border cooperation in the construction sector.


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Großregionaler Austausch über nachhaltiges Wirtschaften

Im April lud das Deutsch-Französische Zentrum der Universität Lothringen (CFALOR) in Kooperation mit dem Meta-Cluster Greater Green zur internationalen Konferenz „Ethik, nachhaltige Entwicklung und Management“ ein.

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